If we have good “first step” policy changes that most of our communities do not know exist, then this is not REAL change.'Cohort 21-- recent graduates of WRI's one-year Community Leadership Training Program.'

That’s why WRI is committed to building positive relationships with HRA, and sharing resources that impact our students’ ability to continue their college studies without constant threats of case closings.  EVERY student should know that the NYS Work Study and Internship law, spearheaded by past WRI leaders, has provisions that help students stay in school.  ALL students should also know that 4-year baccalaureate studies and homework time are approved activities in NYS.

Welfare Rights Initiative's photo.

Students can call our Know Your Rights phone-line 212-650-3592 to learn more about how to apply existing laws and policies to stay in school.  Part of the liberating impact of education is that we do not wait to be invited to the “information that empowers table”.  Instead, we must proactively share resources that are designed to help students stay in school. PLEASE contact WRI so we can help more students connect with good policy first steps that collectively took over 20 years to achieve.


Welfare Rights Initiative's photo.
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