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NYS Senator Pat Gallivan
947 LOB
Albany, NY 12247


Dear Senator Gallivan,

In these harsh economic times, access to education is more important than ever.  This year, the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) reports that New York has lost more than 50% of its manufacturing jobs with new industries springing up that require workers to have higher education and skills.  Approximately 75% of jobs require a college degree.  In fact, CUNY’s Office of Institutional Advancement reports that approximately 85% of graduates stay in NYS, and contribute revenues to the state’s economy from the enhanced earning potential of their college degrees.

Education is one of my core values, and I believe the pursuit of education is a right that should not be denied to anyone due to inequitable barriers.  It is a fact that close to 90% of people receiving public assistance, who earn a college degree, move out of poverty, improve their lives, improve their communities and contribute to the economic stability of New York State.

Unfortunately, accessing education has been a continuous struggle for countless individuals trying to comply with NYS welfare work activity mandates.

Although federal regulations permit education through advanced degrees, New York State Law prohibits participation in baccalaureate and advanced degree programs for individuals receiving welfare.  With successful passage of S2323, NYS has the opportunity to count baccalaureate, advanced degree programs, and certain educational and training activity (homework expected or required by the educational institution) towards the satisfaction of federal work participation requirements.

Low, middle-income and families receiving welfare are able to access education and training through TAP and Pell grants.  Pell has been increased in recent years and brings much needed federal dollars to our state’s public colleges.  Everyone benefits from additional TAP and Pell funding that expands resources for faculty, staff and programs.

By championing the passage of S2323, all New York families will have increased access to educational opportunities that lead to long-term employment, and economic stability.

I look for your leadership, as Chair of the Senate’s Social Services Committee, in moving S2323 to a successful vote.