WRI Alert: S1419: Key Senators Need to Know about S1419

Dear friends,

The NYS Legislative session ends June 20th and we still have a chance to make S1419 law.  S1419 allows access to 4-year college and other approved programs for students receiving public assistance.  The Assembly passed their bill in February and we have received positive feedback from our contacts in the Senate.

The message below and phone numbers of key Senators is provided in hopes that you will call and urge them to ask that S1419 come to a vote and pass this session.

Your calls and letters do have an impact in the New York State Legislature.

On behalf of WRI, we want to thank you for your support .

Call NYS Senators On Thursday, June 13, 2013

Please consider contacting the Senators below as well as your own and ask senate leadership to bring S1419 to a vote.

Here is our message:

” We urge you to vote and pass S1419 into law.  New York State can increase the chances of economic success for families receiving welfare by focusing on education and allowing 4-year college and other educational programs to count for work requirements.  Time and again, research has shown that education is one of America’s most successful pathways out of poverty improving student’s future earning capacity.”

Joseph Addabbo (518) 455-2322 addabbo@senate.state.ny.us
Greg Ball (518) 455-3111 gball@nysenate.gov
John DeFrancisco (518) 455-3511 jdefranc@nysenate.gov
Martin Malave Dilan (518) 455-2177 dylan@nysenate.gov
Patrick Gallivan (518) 455-3471 gallivan@nysenate.gov
Mark Grisanti (518) 455-3240 grisanti@nysenate.gov
Kemp Hannon (518) 455-2200 hannon@nysenate.gov
Carl Marcellino (518) 455-2390 marcelli@senate.state.ny.us
Kathleen Marchione (518) 455-2381 marchione@nysenate.gov
Jack Martins (518) 455-3265 martins@nysenate.gov
Jose Peralta (518) 455-2529 jperalta@nysenate.gov
Bill Perkins (518) 455-2441 perkins@senate.state.ny.us
Gustavo Rivera (518) 455-3395 grivera@nysenate.gov
Joseph Robach (518) 455-2909 robach@nysenate.gov
James Sanders (518) 455-3531 sanders@nysenate.gov


Joseph A. Griffo  Phone: (518) 455-3334 griffo@nysenate.gov

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